English summary of our tasks

  • What we do: In our practice emphasis is put on ultrasound-exams, prevention and early detection of diseases and disorders. Therefore we would like you to visit us once a year, even if you do not have any complaints. Pregnant women are examined by the obstetrician and/or the midwife.
  • Pregnancy-Care is one of our main topics. We try to help you through these weeks in a positive way and by being available to answer any questions to allay any fears you may have. Trough close cooperation between doctor and midwife we can achieve a high medical standard as well as personal care. Pre-natal exercise courses, back pain therapy through osteopathy and high quality ultrasounds are valuable and available for every pregnant woman.
  • Ultrasound-Examinations: We can offer you very high quality ultrasound examinations whether you are pregnant or not. Our ultrasound machine is new and well equipped with enlargement, doppler and 3D-devices. Ultrasound examination of the breast becomes more and more important, to such an extent that it may even replace X-ray mammography. Examinations in pregnancy show your baby as from two weeks after missing your menstrual bleeding. By using doppler technique we can ensure the wellbeing and oxygen supply of your baby
  • Contraception is a very important topic for women as the "pill" for men is still not available. From "natural family planning" to sterilisation we can explain and offer every single device available in order to find your optimal solution: condom, IUD, pill, diaphragm, vaginal ring, adhesive plaster, hormone-bearing IUD, computer and calendar methods or sterilisation?
  • What about hormone replacement therapy? Due to a massive press campaign overemphasizing the risk of breast cancer after taking hormones a lot of women are afraid of taking any hormones. This is wrong! Taking estrogen over a determined period to avoid hot flushes, sleeplessness and depressions does not bear any significant increase in the risk of having breast cancer later in your life. It is our concern to find the best fitting drug and application for you.
  • Early detection of cancer is done by periodical examination of the uterus and ovaries as well as the breast. Most cases of cancer of the cervix and breast can be detected in early stage and can be cured. Modern examinations include cytolgy, HPV-testing, ultrasound and manual examination.

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